Trinyte app includes the following modules

Electronic patient's card

Patient and process data storage

Automatic treatment plan

Communication channel

Automatic calendar

Automatic scheduling

Schedule with electronic patients' cards


Free advertising space

Contact database

Personal website to introduce yourselves and your work

Laboratory financial management system

Automatic order cost & profit analysis

Automatic analysis of the workload, profitability and efficiency of the lab and each dental technician in the lab



Learn more about Trinyte

Learn more about Trinyte

Trinyte LEAN dental app has been developed for laboratories/clinics working on the basis of the Dental Architecture Protocol©.

LABAll patient's information in one place

Electronic patient's card includes all the patient's information necessary to produce a high-quality prosthesis

LABAll prosthesis information in one place

Electronic patient's card includes specific formula, structure, colour of the ordered prosthesis and the patient's expectations, diagnosis, images

LABKeep promises in one place

You can share information about the order directly in the patient's card. All agreements, changes, images, files, other information are included in the specific patient's electronic card.

CLINICVersatile way to generate patient's card

Enter all the information necessary for the production of high-quality prosthesis in the electronic patient's card.

CLINICVersatile way to place an order with a DT

Enter step-by-step information about the formula, structure, colour of the prosthesis and the patient's expectations, diagnosis, images in the electronic patient's card

CLINICCheck the specific deadlines for the execution of orders: taking dental impressions, taking measurements and cementing

The system automatically selects the dates depending on the workload of the dental technician. These are realistic dates, when the dental technician actually has time to execute the specific order.

LABPlan the order – deadlines, tasks and duration – automatically

Automatic planning of deadlines for prosthesis production, ensuring most efficient and productive execution. The calendar gives clear agenda for each day.

LABFollow calendars of your team members

Distribute (automatically/manually) orders or different stages among all dental technicians in the lab

LABForecast/track profitability of your lab

View automatically generated cost and income statement of the lab. Monitor your own productivity, profitability, efficiency and that of other employees.

CLINICFind patients' information in one place

You can share information about the order directly in the patient's card. All agreements, changes, images, files, other information are included in the specific patient's electronic card.

CLINICSelect the best DT to execute the order

You can send the completed order to an unlimited number of dental technicians and choose the most suitable one based on the offered deadlines, price, competence

CLINICLearn more about the reputation of dental technicians

Choose dental technicians based on the doctors they have worked with and the transparent algorithm-based assessment of the Trinyte system.

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It feels good being a dental technician

With Trinyte, you will easily manage organisational processes of prosthesis production and enjoy your daily tasks and improvement.


It is normal practice to deliver prosthesis by the specified deadline

Trinyte presents measurement and cementing dates based on automatic calculations made by the algorithm based on the actual workload and possibilities of dental technicians, rather than predictions of the dental technician.


It feels good to produce prosthesis

Trinyte offers easy access to complete patient's information, prosthesis type, structure, colour, patient's expectations, diagnosis, images and other information necessary for clear production


It is normal practice to deliver high-quality prosthesis in functional and aesthetic terms

Trinyte offers the opportunity to easily track orders, promises made by dental technicians and reasons of the appropriate result


It is normal practice to deliver prosthesis on time

Trinyte gives realistic deadlines for prosthesis production. You will have normal working days and weeks and enough time for professional growth and leisure activities.


It is normal practice to choose a dental technician by competence, deadlines and price

Trinyte offers acces to the marketplace. You can choose from various candidates for cooperation. Transparent system allows receiving feedback on dental technicians from colleagues.


It is normal practice for a dental technician to work in an effective, productive and profitable manner

With Trinyte, you will monitor your own workload, productivity, profitability and that of your employees, which will help making positive decisions.


It is normal practice to work with dentists-orthopaedists of your choice

Trinyte Marketplace offers the opportunity to introduce oneself, one's work and team. You can confirm or cancel the inquiries received



Have you ever wished that you could execute your orders on time?


Chaos in the lab

Dental technicians (DT) work chaotically, have no system, do not plan their work, miss deadlines; no-one knows when the specific stage will be completed.


Chaos in the excution of orders

Orders are executed without much planning, without having complete information, hoping that everything will go right the first time, while it all actually takes more time.


Patient is a living person

Patients are often seen as a mass, rather than unique individuals. More attention should be paid to individual problems/situations.

Information chaos

The patient's information is scattered over order sheets, e-mails; some of it is in the clinic, some – held by the DT. There is no shared system.

Lengthy execution

Patients often have to wait for quite some time for the completion of prosthesis orders.

Stress experienced by the patient

Patients experience great stress when applying for dentist practice services, and even more stress if their expectations are not met in the prosthesis production process (a lot of room for error).

No working standard in the market

Incompatible production methods, techniques

Low time efficiency

Faster execution of orders would result in more productive work of dentists and they could accept other orders. Less optimized working systems mean less efficiency in the process.

Lack of communication

Patients receive no information about characteristics of prostheses/techniques/technologies used. No opportunity to choose the level of invasiveness.