Have you ever thought about how your dental clinic and/or dental lab could work more productively and produce greater value?

Sometimes internal processes become ineffective and no longer meet the needs of your initial goal. A reliable dental audit can help your organisation identify shortcomings and take corrective measures in order to increase effectiveness.

Determining scope

We consistently go through all of the internal processes of your dental clinic and/or dental lab.

Risk assessment

Get a direct risk assessment of your dental clinic and/or dental lab. Having looked through your principal processes, we compare them with your goals and identify existing risks.

Productivity analysis

In conducting an audit of business processes we pay the most attention to the productivity of the processes currently applied in the provision of dental services and/or the production of products. We determine whether business processes generate the right value for the company.

Effectiveness analysis

We assess to what extent our clients’ business processes generate profit compared to the costs and investment the maintenance of these processes requires. We determine the areas in which funds are misappropriated and suggest ways to fix these issues.

Audit result

Our audit procedures are completely results-based. We assess processes in consideration of the expectations set by our clients and their clients’ expectations for the processes.

Active support

Our consultants will work with you through the entire audit process in order to achieve maximum results.

Improve your customer service and how you attract new clients.

The right business management processes will make product and service sales as well as customer service more efficient, and this will help you expand your client base.

Improve management of your dental clinic and/or dental lab

Every dental clinic or lab is constantly expanding, so managing the entire organisation becomes an increasingly more difficult task. Great business process management helps manage company operations and reach the best business results.

Effectively monitor processes.

In large dental clinics and/or dental labs, it is difficult to effectively monitor both patients and the work of your employees. However, by analysing your business processes, you can monitor them and even determine how they might be affecting your business results.

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