Manage your information and time.

The app allows dental patients to track their medical history and manage their time.

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What prevents the successful completion of dental orders?

Chaos in managing information

On their visit to a dental clinic and/or dental lab, the patient typically only gets to sign an agreement, schedule future visits and pay for services received. All of their dental and medical information is left behind with the specialists and they no longer have direct access to it. When the patient tries out another clinic, their medical records do not get transferred, and their patient card has to be set up anew.

Lack of communication

The patient is not fully informed about the treatment plan set for their jawbone or the techniques and technology that will be used, and they cannot choose the level of invasiveness. The patient is often not viewed as a unique individual or personality. There is a lack of interest in the patient’s specific issue or situation.

Patient stress

The patient experiences a lot of stress when signing up for dental services, and this anxiety only increases when expectations are not met during the prosthesis production process (many mistakes can be made).

How can Trinyte Patient help address this problem?

Protocol for mobile patient data

Treatment plan timelines

Dental insurance

Find your dental information in one place.

View all the dental data you need for quality order completion in your electronic patient card. All agreements, changes, images, various files and other information will be stored in the patient’s electronic card. If the patient changes their dental clinic, they will be able to block access to their data and grant access to a new dental clinic.

Find your treatment plans.

Based on your dental care provider’s primary assessment, find the treatment selected for you and any important information related to your order. Additional changes and/or new requirements can be changed simply using the app.

View a calendar of your dental visits.

Mark your free time in the calendar and future visit dates will be planned automatically based on your time preferences.

A stress-free visit to the dental clinic or lab is a pleasure.

Trinyte will help you easily find all of your dental information and treatment plans and allow you to track your order status as well as conveniently plan future visits.


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